Affirmations to improve Social Skills


Affirmations to improve Social Skills

Our way of thinking become our character and our present state of mind decide what our circumstances are to be prevailed.  Our Karma decides what we will be in our forthcoming births.  Accordingly, our Karma of previous births decides our present state of living.  On looking broadly one can realize that some of looking bright and some are not so charismatic.  And some are rich and some are dwelling in poor standard.  There are people who come from a good background, they have good brought-up and education, because of which they are intelligent, enjoying status-quo in life.  One can improve their mind-set with Affirmations to improve Social Skills.

Affirmations to improve Social Skills

Contentment vs. compromise:

There are people who are looking normal and they don’t have money they need, rather they have much less of their requirements.  Because their brought-up and education was not to an elite, their backgrounds are full of struggle.  Still, the second group of people are achieving success to certain stage and enjoying more contended mind-set than the first group.  The reason behind this is their state of mind.  It does not necessarily mean that the wealthy people, who possess big cars, and posh house and fancy clothes must be living contended life.

Are you a good Starter or good endured?

It is not enough that you start your day with positive thinking, but the mind-set and the ability to take action to influence your mind set and look forward that matters.  There are two mind sets that the one seems to be successful but in the end their success come to an end as soon as it reach to its peak.  They feel that that they have everything to succeed, sound positive, but, fail to keep their intention alive as soon as they achieve their first success.  The second mind-set shall pave the way to a life full of actions, achievements and inner satisfaction and above all a drive to achieve more and more.  Because these people have a growth mind-set, they believe anyone can work hard but success is a continuing process and they never quit after achieving success after success.

Affirmations to improve Social Skills

Affirmations to improve Social Skills:

Every day I grow more confident in social situations
Social skills come naturally to me
People enjoy speaking to me
I can make and maintain eye contact when speaking to others
Others admire my ability to speak to new people
I enjoy being more confident and outgoing
People listen to me when I speak
Improving my social skills will change my life
My career will benefit by improving my social skills
My social skills make me stand out from the crowd

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