Affirmations to stop being so sensitive

Often, we ask ourselves what is the true meaning of Atma (Soul) and Paramatma (The Creator).  And, when we think of these two phenomena i.e., Atma and Paramatma, it makes us to feel and think about the absolute power, the Almighty God. Though we are belonging to various religion and faith, if we are religious, either we worship deities or just believe in the supreme power, it binds us in oneness.  If we go through the scriptures of various religion or faith, it all urge us to be virtuous in order to achieve reunion with the supreme power.  Affirmations to stop being so sensitive, may prove handy to eliminate our emotions.

Affirmations to stop being so sensitive
Balanced Mind

Reason for our miserable plight:

If we are microcosm of that macrocosm then why we are all miserable at times?  Caring is the nature of motherhood!  If so, why that supreme power is not vanishing our troubles.  Exactly, here, the universal law intervene to reveal a path to follow which is, ‘do your karma (duty) without likes and dislikes’.  When we practice this formula in life, we stay away from inner conflicts and all that we enjoy are bliss, bliss and nothing but, bliss!

Inner conflicts and its various aspects:

Our mind is programmed to capture negative than positive.  When we uphold one negative thing it invite its kith and kin to share the bounty.  Anxiety invites the feeling of Threat or danger, depression and sadness oriented with Loss or failure, Anger associated with frustration.  Guilt and remorse arouse when we break our own sentiments.  We feel hurt when others betray us and we feel jealousy when we foresee threat to our exclusive relationship. And, finally shame erupts when our personal weakness revealed.  The only one solution for all the above is not to take everything personally or stay detached.

Affirmations to stop being so sensitive
Stop Being So Sensitive

Affirmations to stop being so sensitive

I am a strong and resistant person.
I feel totally at ease in any situation.
I deal calmly with other people's criticism.
I am in control of my emotions.
I let other people have their own opinions.
I am able to brush off life's problems with ease.
I stay relaxed and composed at all times.
I know I can handle any situation that comes along.
I keep my sensitivity at reasonable levels.
I take a balanced and sensible view of things.
I can react without feeling slighted.
I take criticism and disappointment in my stride.

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