Beyond Conscious and Subconscious


Millions and millions of articles, books, sayings and poems has been written to elaborate the power, functioning and orientation of the Conscious and subconscious, yet, they are all fragmentary.  Since the age of Vedas and Upanishads billions of people had tried to understand its nature, truth and glory and only a few could have able to solve the mystery.  By adapting the methods and theories prescribed by them only a very few could have attained fractional success.  What are the secrets beyond Conscious and subconscious are still nothing but a puzzle.

The wandering mind:

Every human irrespective their sex has a mind with two functions called Conscious and Subconscious.  For a large number of population it is just an elementary school subject and they are living without knowing its real purpose.  A sizable number of people believe it to be a spiritual subject and they consider the awareness on conscious and subconscious are usefull only for self-realization.   Youngsters in particular and most of the men and women of middle age group have no time to think beyond their family and subsistence.

Beyond Conscious and Subconscious

Seekers and believers:

Research on Conscious and Subconscious mind are continuing for ages now either on scientific nature or for self-realization.  Nevertheless, truth is the reality of life in either way.  We must try to understand the secret of life, atleast to know what is good for people or purpose and what is good for us.  The answers to these questions are not written in any book neither are available on riverside or mountains.

Beyond Conscious and Subconscious

Know thyself:

The beauty is we are using the very object to know about the subject.  In other words using the faculty of conscious and subconscious to know more on conscious and subconscious mind.  The more mind involved in this the more imaginations and what we are imaging in our mind come true sooner or later.  Let us continue the journey.

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