Compassion Spirituality and Practice

When compassion mature, our thinking and vision are widened and we start feeling that the entire mankind as brethren.  In reality you can see many such examples that those who have nothing in monitory terms are more compassionate towards others.  They display tremendous willingness to share what they have, with simplicity they do it according to their affordability.   It all come out of compassion without any expectation or compulsion.  Prince Siddhartha renounced the world and went on searching the truth when he saw the sorrow and suffering all around him.  He had a strong commitment to find an answer to the sufferings of the world.  His ordeal continued for 45 years, however he never give up until he find an answer and he shared the wealth of wisdom to the mankind out of compassion.

Compassion Spirituality and Practice

Selfless service attributes to Spirituality

Sufferings increases our sensitivity towards others who are subjected to injustice, this is the one way we become compassionate.  But in true compassion you not only feeling another’s pain as yours but also moved to relieve it.  Doing nothing for others is the undoing for their own self.  We must be purposely kind and generous or we miss the best part of our existence.  All the religious teachings were rigorously practiced by our Spiritual Masters prior to preaching it to others that is why they are easy to comprehend.

Compassion Spirituality and Practice
Spiritual Wisdom

What they said:

We all value the treasure of spiritual teachings like Vedas, Upanishads, Bible and Quran but, until we put their teachings in life we wouldn’t be benefited.  Also, we can’t survive on our past fame alone, we need to shed our self-interest in order to cultivate compassion and good virtues in us.


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