Conscious Meaning Awareness of Environment


As the title suggests Conscious meaning awareness of environment.  Though, cumulatively we call it as mind, it is separated in two spares, the conscious mind and the sub conscious mind, i.e., the rational mind and the irrational mind.  Conscious mind is reasoning mind, it is a segment of mind which have the ability to choose – you choose what you want to wear or what you want to eat.  We make all the decisions using our conscious mind.

Conscious meaning awareness of environment:

What we think is the role of conscious mind and what we habitually think is the role of subconscious mind.  When we think about something the conscious mind argue with it in several ways whereas the subconscious mind don’t have the ability to reason or care about the consequences.  The conscious mind also known as objective mind as it transacts with outward things.

Conscious mind and its sensory aids:

Our conscious mind uses our five physical senses as media to transact or align with the outer world.  We see the outer world with our eyes, hear the sounds with ears, smells with nose, feeling the touch with skin, and distinguish the taste with our mouth organ.  In all the five sensory eye is the prime because our conscious mind gets almost 85% of the stimuli through its visionary organ.  Approximately 10% of the stimuli are generated by our hearing ability and rest of the 5% are share by touch, taste & smell.  Thus our conscious mind develop an understanding of our environment with the help of our five sensory organs.

Conscious Meaning awareness of environment

Sleeping mind and waking mind:

While we sleeps our conscious mind rests but, our subconscious mind works 24×7 tirelessly. If we perceive our conscious and subconscious mind as an iceberg; conscious mind’s share is only 12% and rest of 88% are shared by our subconscious and unconscious mind.

Conscious Meaning awareness of environment

Power of conscious mind

The power of conscious mind is very limited while the power of subconscious mind is unlimited though it don’t have the ability to distinguish what is wrong or right.

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