What you indeed! Consciously or subconsciously you are connected with the Universe. Whatever you are thinking or planning is because of the ability of your mind.  Conscious meaning mindful meditation.  Human has one Mind, but it has two parts one is conscious mind and the other is subconscious.  Both have a different role to do, have its own importance, ability and capabilities.

Conscious meaning mindful meditation:

All the mindful activities such as thinking, planning and scrutinizing are the preview of Conscious mind.  Chartered Accountants, Architects and writers are using conscious mind to execute their concept by planning. It is simply tough to define the working of conscious Mind because of its close network with our Subconscious mind.


Cognitive abilities of our Conscious Mind:

Our Conscious Mind has amazing power of reasoning or intellectual abilities.  Anything we are aware of a particular moment is part of our conscious self.  Lord Buddha mastered the working of the conscious mind and used its own method of using sensory organs to invent Vipassana Meditation.  Our conscious mind gets stimuli from our five sensory organs i.e., eyes, ears, nose, skin and taste buds.  Our conscious mind gets 85% of stimuli from eyes and remaining 15% from other organs.

Vipassana Meditation:

Buddha very tactfully used the power of the conscious mind to invent Vipassana Meditation.   Since we keep our eyes closed during meditation we cut off ourselves from the environment b 85%.  As we don’t eat during meditation some stimuli from taste buds are not possible.  Observing rest of the stimuli mindfully and not giving heed to its disturbing or inducing power is the whole concept of this meditation.  Buddha had been successful in his attempt but even after thousands of years, none could have attained ‘Nirvana’.  Now you can imagine using your conscious mind, how hard it could be to understand the power of the conscious mind.


Conscious connection with subconscious:

Our conscious mind gets inducements of our environment thru our five sensory organs, either we analyse it or plan it according to our requirements and come to a conclusion which is being stored in our subconscious mind as a principle or a discipline which become our habit or character.

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Vipassana Meditation


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