Conscious Mind and Mindful Meditation


When we are in the state of consciousness our conscious mind stay active and we aware of what is happening around us. Our conscious mind, also known as reasoning mind evaluates the circumstances and take stock of the situation.  Thus it decides further course of action or leave it to subconscious mind. Conscious Mind and Mindful Meditation are two different stages.

Conscious and Subconscious functions:

Subconscious mind grasps all the information from our conscious mind. Though the decision maker is our conscious mind, according to its habitual decision making system it leaves an imprint on our subconscious mind.  Our subconscious mind follow this imprint without any further interpretation in the long run.  For example while driving when we see red signal we stops the vehicle. When we follow the traffic rules stringently our conscious mind leaves an imprint to our subconscious mind that where there is a red light we should stop.  Subsequently, when we see red signal our subconscious mind automatically gives instruction to our muscles to stop the car.

Conscious Mind and Mindful Meditation:

Our learned forefathers might have deeply analysed the working of conscious mind in order to create system for Meditation.  During meditation by closing our eyes we disconnect ourselves from the environment by 85%.  Remaining 15% of inducements are coming from other four sensory organs which forces our mind to stay unstable.  This is why isolated places are considered to be suitable for meditation.  The aim of meditation is to subdue our conscious mind by restricting stimuli generated by our sensory organs.

Conscious Mind and Mindful Meditation
Choose right place and position

Vipasana Meditation:

Ancient scriptures reveal that initially Buddha tried various types of meditation but not satisfied with any of those methods.  Finally Buddha defined a method which is called Vipasana Meditation.  Contrary to other meditation methods, though Vipasana accept the idea of closing the eyes and isolated place, it urges to be mindful of the stimuli generate by the sensory organs but not to react.  Impulses loses its strength and gradually vanishes when we don’t react, thus the goal of meditation is achieved.

Conscious Mind and Mindful Meditation
Feel the inner peace

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