Consciously Aspire Act Achieve ­III


We are on the journey (Consciously Aspire Act Achieve ­III) to find the ways to attract wealth, health and prosperity.  Accordingly, we saw two vital steps that could induce us to stay positive and focus on what we want to achieve. In order to achieve our goal we may also take the help of effective tools such as meditation, moderate physical exercise, breathing exercise, reading self-improvement topics, reciting positive affirmations, listening to subliminal and hypnosis sessions.

Vital factors:

We need to develop positive mind-set and think more on what we want to achieve than what we want to eliminate. The key factors are:

  • Lack of money is the root for all the evil.
  • Be comfortable on spending – cultivate an attitude that we are spending money only to get value in exchange or for any services. We also need to develop an attitude that we have enough money to exchange in order to get value or avail services.
Consciously Aspire Act Achieve ­III

Count on quality and vanity:

Being a spend theft we invite negativity.  Be comfort on your spending on all essentials. Quality products always costs more but lasts longer.  Secondly, when you use branded or expensive products, you display your affordability to others.  The like minded people (who might essentially be rich) will adore you and your association with them will automatically improve your self-esteem and confidence.  When human displays his strength, the universe bow down before him and fulfills all his harmonious desires.

Use of powerful tools:

A man can lift half of his weight, but when he uses an appropriate tool his power has been enhanced.  Meditation, physical and breathing exercise, subliminal, positive affirmations and hypnosis session audios are effective tools to improve one’s ability.  Use them mindfully, efficiently and regularly to improve your capability and capacity.

Consciously Aspire Act Achieve ­III

Consciously Aspire Act Achieve ­III

To be continued……

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