Consciously Aspire Act Achieve ­IV


Now we are now at step four of Consciously Aspire Act Achieve ­IV, previous three steps were emphasized the need to focus on positive mind set whereas the next step is planning.  When a thought strengthened mindfully our subconscious mind accepts it and our subsequent actions facilitate it to achieve.  Though these simple steps seems to be absurd, you will realize only when you put them into action and on witnessing its amazing power.

Consciously Aspire Act Achieve ­IV
Asset Vs Liability

Consciously Aspire Act Achieve ­IV

Invest to increase source of income’ is the fourth step. There is no mantra to become a billionaire overnight and we are not at all talking about how to become a billionaire overnight.  Wealth are always accumulated only by careful planning, tireless work and most importantly by sacrificing so many comforts.  Risk taking is one of the key component in wealth making.  Safest investments could never yield good return.  In order to turn your capital into many fold there is no other way than to take calculated risk.  Cultivating the habit of taking calculated risk, increases confidence and intuitive power.   Dividing and investing major portion of the capital in many high return investments would facilitate the money to grow.  Be mindful while converting your money into assets, the asset must be an additional source of income.

Consciously Aspire Act Achieve ­IV
Grow More

Liability in assets category:

If you buy a car for your own use when you can hardly afford it, then it is a liability because you need to spend more on it towards its running and maintenance.  Whereas if you buy car to earn more with it then you can consider it as an asset.  Similarly spending on gadgets should not be considered as assets, unless they are means to additional source of income.

Investment on any assets should have the potential to yield income sooner or later.  Many such investments would result in multiple source of income to accumulate abundant wealth.

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