Consciously Aspire Act Achieve – II


It is imperative that we should concentrate only on positive aspects of what we want to achieve.  Yesterday we saw how to programme our mind in order to attract happy, healthy and prosperous life style. We are programmed to focus on what we want to eliminate than what we want to attract.  If we are able to shun the limiting factors we will be able to see only the opportunities to grow.

Opportunities are unlimited:

Our universe possess unlimited wealth and opportunities.  It is we, restricting ourselves with limiting factors.  We need to be open minded to attract happiness and wealth.  Lack of enough money is the only root cause for all evil, if you think in this way then you find more ideas to make money.  Today, even without any investment you can find plenty of opportunities to raise money – you need only the will.  Search it on Google you will find a number of ways and means to start.  Just start… your endeavor will lead you automatically.

Consciously Aspire Act Achieve – II

If you want to fly you need to raise your feet from earth.

At least you need to hold your head high in order gather confidence.  If you could muster courage and confidence then nothing can restrict you from achieving your heart’s desire.  Being or becoming a miser you won’t be able to accumulate wealth.  You may be thinking that you have saved a penny, but at what cost?  If you want to live lavish life, mindfully be lavish, spend for your necessities comfortably and squeeze your mind to earn more to match with your requirements.  Miraculously you will find more opportunities to earn, set your mind to attract abundance, wait patiently, and expect that it may happen any moment.

Consciously Aspire Act Achieve – II

Be happy and thankful:

Attitude of gratitude for all that you possess will enrich you to grow more.  Express your gratitude for your ability to see, hear, read, and the ability to understand what you understood.  Try to cope-up with the situation…. Expect the miracle… it may take place any moment.

Consciously Aspire Act Achieve – II

to be continued…

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