We are living in an atmosphere where everything moves fast.  Most of us don’t even have time to enjoy our food and to our family members.  What for we are leading this busy life, what we want to achieve?  In fact, nothing but mere subsistence for a large number people and for the rest it is endless thirst for more wealth.  Irrespective of Market Place, Shopping Malls, Theaters and so on everywhere there is a crowd and queue.  And even in spiritual congregation and temples one may find endless visitors!  What for they are there?  To seek spiritual advancement?  No, they seek nothing but worldly pleasure and comforts.

Enrich Inner Life for Spiritual Affinity

Duality of mind:

Each of us are torn by two forces, one is our inner self and the other is external.  Though we are greatly valuing, it is not enough to possess a fancy outer life, swanky house, premium segment car and a fatty bank balance.  Just ask, those who have all these things in plenty are happy?  Certainly not, they are still missing something, unless they have rich inner life filled with meaning and purpose.  Alternately, those who have nothing in material terms are happy because they have contended mindset and rich inner life.  Possibly they have healthy relationship and trusted for their integrity.

Enrich Inner Life for Spiritual Affinity

Enrich Inner Life for Spiritual Affinity:

All the religion impart us to cultivate adorable virtue within us, to stay away from likes and dislikes, be kind to all living beings etc.  It also reiterate that wealth earned by wrongful means will vanish, material success attained by crookedness will incur nothing but pain.  But, we give no heed, contrarily we try to bribe the God by offering Pujas and sharing a meagre amount with poor.  On the other hand those who pay attention to the teachings of spiritual masters and adapt middle path easily attain enriching inner life.  Gradually they cultivate a habit of harmony, maintain lasting relationship with dignity and integrity.

Enrich Inner Life for Spiritual Affinity
Rich Inner Life

Escalating steps to heaven:

The unlimited wealth we accumulate with grate struggle will accompany only till the pyre.  Relationship, neighborhood and friends will say good-bye at crematorium and only the good deed, we usually neglect, will escalate us before the creator.  So it will be a better decision to nurture self-worth, integrity and cordial relationship with others in order to ensure rewarding spiritual inner life.

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