Famous Temples of India – Namakkal Hunuman


Famous Temples of India – Namakkal Hunuman

Famous Temples of India – Namakkal Hunuman – Namakkal Hanuman Temple is located at Namakkal in Tamilnadu state, dedicated to Lord Hanuman.  Anjaneya is the another name of Lord Hanuman. The city lies at the base of this single huge rock with an old fort on it. The rock cut cave and shrines were believed to be built by the king Gunaseela of Adhiyaman clan descendant. Namakkal is popular for the huge statue of Lord Hanuman, which stands at a height of 18 feet tall and graces with a Japamala in hand and a sword in the waist. And the specialty is the statue is made out of a single stone and stands out to an open sky, no roofs are built for Lord Hanuman.

Namakkal Hanuman
Namakkal Hanuman


While Sri Anjaneya was bathing in River Kandaki in Nepal, He got a stone named Salagrama in the shape of Lord Vishnu.  He was carrying it through the sky and passed through this place.  He had to take a bath but could not as the Salagrama should not be placed on Earth.  He then just found Sri Mahalakshmi performing penance and enquired Her the reason.  Mother told him that she wanted to see the Lord in Narasimha form and hence Her penance.

Goddess Lakshmi
Goddess Lakshmi

Sri Anjaneya requested the Mother to hold the Salagrama till he returned after a bath.  The Mother agreed on the condition that She would place it down if he did not return with a stipulated time.  But Anjaneya could not come in time.  Mother placed it down which Anjaneya could not move.  The Salagrama grew into a mountain.  Lord Narasimha appeared before the mother granting darshan and became Lakshmi Narasimha.  Anjaneya also stayed here itself then.

Mantra Meditation:

Rosary to be used for Chanting Hanuman Mantra:  Lal chandan ki mala , Lal munga ki mala

Flowers to be used for Hanuman Mantra:  Lal vastra , Lal aasan , Lal phal , Lal phul

Total Number of Recitaion/Japa for Hanuman Mantra:  Frequency of japa for Hanuman Mantra is 11,000 or 21,0000r 31,000 times

Best Time or Muhurta for Chanting Hanuman Mantra:  Amrit sidhhi yog sidh muhurt

Mantra:  “Om Hanumate Namah”

Alternately you can do meditation with “Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram” as background music.


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