A story published in today’s Times of India, Delhi edition is a fantastic example for how to use subconscious consciously.  Only the hard work and intension to achieve are triggering the subconscious mind to manifest one’s desire.  By merely sitting and day dreaming would never yield results.  I am reproducing below the story as it has been narrated by Sandeep Rai.


No one gave Tapeshwar Singh a chance when he set off in March this year to look for his missing wife Babita. A sad man on a rickety bicycle with posters of the woman he loved hoisted on small rods at two ends of his vehicle, the 40-year-old got both sympathy and derision, but little else.


Singh, a migrant from Bihar, had settled in Meerut where he got odd jobs that saw him and Babita through the day. Singh had married Babita three years ago after she was abandoned by her relatives at the dharamshala in Brajghat that he stayed in. And then, Babita disappeared without a trace one day.


On March 29 this year, TOI had carried a report about Singh’s desperate search for his wife, and his vow to find her in the face of insurmountable difficulties that often saw him cycle for hours without food and no money in his pocket, when the charity of strangers he so heavily depended on just didn’t come by. That was the 40th day of his odyssey. Singh had then said that some of his acquaintances told him that a notorious pimp of Meerut, finding Babita wandering one day, had taken her to a red light area to be sold.  Singh then visited all such districts in the region, talking to one brothel owner after another. He found that the pimp had indeed brought Babita to be trafficked but seeing her mental condition, the deal had not materialised.

Bicycle man’s Hunt

An FIR was eventually filed and cops promised to help him, setting up teams to look for Babita. But nothing came of it. In all this, one thing that Singh clung on to was hope, and the faith he had in his love for Babita. On Monday, the miracle happened. Sitting alone by the wayside in Haridwar was the woman he had promised he would bring home.


“I first rubbed my eyes in disbelief,“ Singh told TOI on Tuesday , Babita by his side. “She was covered in tatters, but it was her. The sight almost paralysed me. For eight months I had searched for her day and night. I spent every penny I had saved in the last decade on a journey that sometimes seemed futile. But there she was.“

When preparation meets opportunity it is luck, but determination mingled with action generates miracle.


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