If you think Universe is unfair to you think of Karna

In his forward notes Maharishi Valmiki start with “I am telling you a story” and the story described by him is called Mahabharatha.  Though, the venue of the story still exist in North part of India, it cannot be vouched whether it was real or imagery.  Even if it imaginary it merit a bravo because of the sequences narrated in that story.  The story of “Mahabharata” and the characters illustrated will remain alive till the universe exist.  In that story an unparalleled character is “Karna” who was mighty enough than any other character of Mahabharata.  Still he gone thru enormous struggle since birth to till death.  If you think universe is unfair to you think of Karna and your struggles will be diminished before his ordeal.

Karna was abandoned by his mother on his birth:

Kunti, the virgin mother of Karna recited a child bearing mantra given by Sage Durvasa, as a result, by the grace of sun God she gave birth to Karna.   Afraid of the illegitimate kid, Kunti placed him in a basket and left it in the flow of river.

If you think Universe is unfair to you think of Karna
Karna flowing in river

Karna’s brought up and struggle in education:

Hence forth, Karna was brought up by a Charioteer whose cast was considered below to Kshatriyas.  In that period of time only Kshatriyas had the right to learn warrior techniques, as such Karna has been rejected by Dronacharya for admission in his Gurukul.

Learning Warrior techniques pretending as if Brahmin:

Due to his eagerness to learn warrior techniques he pretended himself as if a Brahmin in order to get admission in Gurukul of Pararuram and learned all the techniques from him.

Karna’s perseverance annoyed Guru Parashuram

While taking a nap on the lap of Karna, Karna had to bear the pain of an arrow making a hole in his thigh, but due to Karna’s perseverance Guru caught suspicion and cursed Karna to forget his knowledge of war techniques at the time when he need it most.

Karna outdone Arjun in skill show:

King Dhirdrashtra organised an event to test the skill of Pandavas’ and Gauravas’ where Karna was also participated and outdone all the Princes.  But Guru Dhrona eliminated Karna from the event because he couldn’t establish himself as Kashtriya and unaware of his father’s name.

Karna Won Draupadi even before Arjun in Swaymwar:

In a Swayamwar where princess Draupadi had been declared as prize for the winner of supreme arrow skill, Karna won her, but, here too, destiny played its cruel play in the name identity.

If you think Universe is unfair to you think of Karna
Karna in Swayamwar

Karna was cursed for accidental killing of child:

While practicing archery only by hearing the sound he bow an arrow mistaking the sound of collecting water in a pot to sucking the water by an animal.  As a result a son of a Brahmin was accidentally killed and the Brahmin curse him that Karna will be killed by an arrow when he is utterly helpless.

Karna was cursed by mother of earth:

Once a small girl was carrying ghee in a pot and accidentally spilled it on earth.  She was crying afraid of the punishment by her mother for her carelessness.  On seeing this. Karna by using Mantra and Tantra squeeze the ghee from earth which caused great pain to mother earth.  As such Mother earth curse him and vow to abandon him at his vulnerable time.

Karna was not allowed to fight:

Karna was not allowed to fight in Kurukshetra War because Bhishma refused to fight an army headed by a non-Kshtriya.  Inspite of his utmost skill he had to bear this humiliation.

Karna was known for his charity:

Karna was born with a golden Armor in his chest until it had removed he cannot be killed. He was known for his charity and generosity.  Well aware of Karna’s charity trait, Indra ask Karna to donate his Armor as alms.   Even comprehending Indira’s dirty intention Karna donate his Armor.

If you think Universe is unfair to you think of Karna
Karna gifting his armor

Kunti plead Karna not to kill Pandavas.

Kunti was well aware of the fact that Karna is her illegitimate son and worthy to confront Pandavas alone and kill them.  Hence she compelled Karna to take oath not to kill Pandavas.

Ill-fate and curse caused his death:

When Karna was lifting his chariot’s wheel from mud it was his vulnerable time.  Due to curse he forget how to take out the wheel, and mother earth used his vulnerability to take revenge.  Krishna induce Arjun to kill Karan.

Karna lifting his wheel

Inspite of all the above ordeal, Karna never give-up his Karma.  Nothing can pull us to dismay, until we accept our failure.


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