Ignorance evade Self Realization:

We all are so sharp, we are aware what is good for us, but, still we tend to remain ignorant because of illusion.  The creator gave us two most powerful tools – respiration and intellect.  Even though, we are so ignorant and unskilled to make use of these powerful tools for self-realization.  Our wavering mind and sensual organs keep our obsession alive as such we feel happy with our material success and worldly pleasure.  We have time for everything in life but no time to focus within our inner-self in order to realize what the real “WE”.  We think the ‘me” is our body – but body is merely garment for our Atman.  Thus ignorance evade self realization.

Ignorance evade Self Realization:
What you Think you become

Immortal Atman and Supreme Conscious:

Ignorance evade Self Realization:
Do not dwell in the past

We all accept the term that there is a super natural power behind the creation of universe and lives.  Upanishads proclaim that the core of every person’s self is not the body, nor the mind, nor the ego, but Atman.  Atman is the spiritual essence in all creatures, it is eternal, it is the essence and it is ageless.  It also reveal that Atman is indeed Brahman, It is identified with the intellect, the mind and the vital breath.  Upon reading all these, we feel a sort of vibration within us but the next moment illusion overpower us.

Know theyself:

It is herculean task indeed.  The first step to know yourself is to shed your ego.  Disabling ego enabling us to take control of our senses and when the senses are disciplined we are aware of the truth, the soul within.  The more we identify ourselves as body, the more we crave and the more we get attached to illusion.  When we purify our thoughts, we will think of the purpose which will lead us to achieve serenity.


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