Illuminate your innerself to know yourself:

Being happy is not a choice, it is an attitude.  Some people effortlessly stay happy and none of external force affect them.  But some even without any reason stay on remorse and none of the external force make them happy.  What is the reason behind this strange eloquence?  There are two forces that make you what you are!   One is our attitude, and the other is our karma of our previous life.  It does not necessarily mean that we cannot change our plight.  Human mind is such a device that everything is possible if one can learn how to reprogram it.  By carefully examining the external factors and his own way of perception one can change his trait.

Illuminate your innerself to know yourself
Born with Intellect

We were nought but everything:

We had been existing even before the universe come into existence, but in that time neither we had a body or mind.  Our soul were existed as part and parcel of universal force which is called as absolute.  This is the state of nought but, everything.  But when a body and mind are attached to it, it lose its sheen.  This is why, the baby, whether it is black skinned or fair, whether it takes birth in elite or poor family it charms to everyone.  In that state our mind is as pure as the illuminating inner self.

Seeing is believing:

We start accumulating filth in our mind as we grow.  When we come to existence our mind frequency range remain at zero to four cycle per second which represents total unconsciousness.  And when we attain the age of four our mind frequency varies from four to seven which is called as Theta.  In this frequency emotional experiences are recorded and subconscious mind programmed with suggestions from all sources. This is because our behaviour begin to form in childhood and by the time we attain maturity our personality become habituated.  This factor reduce us incapable of independent thinking and our habitual way of thinking force us behave as we are.

Illuminate your innerself to know yourself
Balanced mind

Karma is the offspring of desire:

There are three kinds of Karmas are prescribed in ancient scripts they are Kriyaman Karma, Prarabda Karma and Sanchit Karma.  Kriyaman Karma is that what we accumulate in our present life and its effects will be experience in future.  Prarabda is the accumulation of past and responsible for the present body.  Karma yield result on the basis of reap as you sow.  It ripe for reaping, neither it can be changed or avoided.  Prarabda Karma is exhaust only when we experience whether it is good or bad.  Sanchita is the balance after what you exhausted and will follow in next birth.

Label it in the name of rational or science:

Desire, thought and action are the three that produce bandage or attachment and these are not cultivated overnight.  Until a thought accumulate strength it can’t turn as desired resulting in action.  In order to change our circumstances we need to reprogram our thought process in the same way. It is possible only when you we truly prepared and ready to sustain. When mind is overpowered by intellect all the barriers start fading gradually.


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