The Law of Attraction can be defined in short as ‘like attracts like’.   Whether we assure or not we are responsible it is we who are responsible for attracting both positive and negative.  That is why we need to cultivate positive attitude so as to vibrate positive and also to attract the same.  By nature we are tend to attract negative than positive thoughts.  But, by remaining mindful of our thoughts and actions we can gradually change to attract positive.  As a result of our positive or negative state of mind we attract likewise events in our life.

How to practice law of attraction?

Decide What You Want:  The first step is to decide what you want to manifest.  The changes are more when ‘what you want to attract’ is your long-time desire.  You might have heard from many people saying “thank god – by chance, at lost I got it” it was my childhood desire.  Nothing happens by chance – everything is yield of your thoughts whether it is good or bad.  As per universal law ‘as you sow so as to reap’.  So it is important you might choose what is relevant and values you – no matter how big or small it is.

Have Burning Desire:  You might have longing to achieve this. Whatever you want to manifest should not allow you to sleep restfully.  It should remind you itself and you should feel a sort of desperation.  But it should not lead you worry to achieve this.

Stay Happy:  You should develop feel good tendency in you which would turn you as naturally attractive person. To develop this approach do what makes you happy.  Remind yourself now and then to stay happy and positive.

Law of Attraction
Happy Mind Set

Trust yourself:  It means believe in yourself, believe in your abilities and capabilities.  Have strong desire to improve yourself, strive hard.

Visualize what you want to achieve.  May be it is some sort of day dreaming.  Live your dream, assume what you want to attract is already in your possession.  But you should not feel disappointed when you wake the next morning rather you should think you are one step ahead of manifesting your desire.

Take Action:  Strive hard to achieve your desire.  If you wish to become a millionaire then explore all the possibilities how you could become a millionaire.  If you want a house choose the location and design of that house.

Law of attraction
Attract Money

Practice all the above steps with perseverance, sooner or later you will cherish it.

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Law of Attractiion


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