Liberation through Worship:

This human birth is rare.  Due to our good Karma of our previous lives our soul attained this glory to take birth as human.  This is an opportunity one in 84 million chance.   Having been born as a human being this is a golden opportunity for us to strive hard to reunite our soul into the Supreme consciousness.  Further, rest of the lives don’t have the rational power to think and ability to drive itself towards an attainable goal.  Because of the ability to think consecutively, our ancestors had derived a number of formula to liberate the soul within.  And, an easiest method for Liberation through worship.

Liberation through Worship
Symbol of Religious Faiths

Worship in Hinduism:

Bhagwad Gita has always been considered as the fifth Veda in Hinduism, it consists a number of ideologies which are easy to comprehend and follow.   In Bhagwad Gita Arjuna asks Krishna which is best form to follow as worship among Shaguna (In Form) or Nirguna (Formless).  Lord Krishna reply him that for human being it is difficult to realize the formless God than the one with form.  Those who fix their minds on me and worship me in whichever form with supreme faith, I consider them as perfect in union with God.   Also renouncing all actions in the name of God has been identified as a brave act to eliminate desire, which resonate cycle of actions and reactions.

Worship in various Religion:

In Buddhism worship takes place in various forms such as puja, mantra recitation, tea ceremony and ganachakra.  Still, mediation is a central from in Buddhism.  Because meditation induce self-awakening and exploration of the mind and spirit.   Islam reiterates that the innermost purpose of the creation of rational being is to realize the existence of Allah. Hence perception and willingness gives the deepest meaning as worship.  Christianity, Sikhism and other religions also consider worship as prime observance to attain reunion with supreme consciousness.

Liberation through Worship
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Digitalism Vs. Spiritualism:

In this modern civilization and society speaking about spirituality has been ridiculed as old patterned and dogmatic.  But when everything goes beyond their control they resort themselves into spirituality.  In the modern society where sensuality has been considered as great attainment, even thinking about righteousness, kindness, and humanity is a sort of religious adherence.

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