Pardon Helps Spiritual Advancement

When something don’t go according to our expectations, we get irritated and angry; our angry causes imbalance of our mind.  In angry we fail to understand others situations in which they discorded our anticipations.  Everyone in this world think about their own advantage rather than others which is not at all a bad intention.  In order to understand others plight we need to put ourselves into another’s shoe.  Unless we do this, we wouldn’t be able to understand in which circumstances our anticipations were rejected.  By cursing others for not considering our interests not only make our situations worse and nothing will be attained.  Pardon helps spiritual advancement – think over it, how?

Pardon Helps Spiritual Advancement
Cognitive distortions

We are confronting and not others:

If we coolly think about the situation we can comprehend it is we who are confronting and not others.  The other has rejected our expectation considering their own advantage as such they won’t be generating any impulsive disorder.  It is we, who are generating impulsive disorder in thinking again and again about what has happened.  Our inner agitation fuel our negative cognition in such a way that we lose our balance and we start imagining everything in negative.

Pardon Helps Spiritual Advancement:

Almost all the religion are emphasizing the virtue of forgiveness or pardon.  Further, religions are age old and in that age there could have been least chance for conflicts and inner agitation.  Still, our ancestors could have comprehend very well the evil effect of anger, dismay and inner agitation.  This is why they gave much more importance to pardon or forgiveness, the trait that could make one to remain in balance.  Once we are able to forgive others mindfully for their imaginary offence, we ought to feel peace within us.  There is no need to say that the abode of spirituality is where peace prevail in abundant.

Pardon Helps Spiritual Advancement

Don’t say yes when you want to deny:

This is another mistake that we do thoughtlessly most of the time.  Frequently, as an obligation, we accept to favour others, where we disagree internally.  It causes further strain while assessing our own decision subsequently resulting in added complications.  In the first instance, if we could muster courage and say no we may avert inviting inner conflicts within us.  We should not complicate our high esteem for others with our own convenience, comfort and adaptability.

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