Positive Affirmations for Charisma


Positive Affirmation for Charisma

The Materialists are frequently views religious persons as being unsociable, inflexible and lacking in intellectual insights.  There is certain perception that religious people don’t drink or smoke.  They prey all day long, away from flirting, superstitious, impractical and don’t mix with people of other sex.  Hence religious peoples are seems to be a misfit to current trends.  In schools and colleagues, students of religious nature are ridiculed and they are treated in such a way that they don’t deserve any worldly pleasure.  Positive Affirmations for Charisma will help us to understand universal conscious.

Positive Affirmations for Charisma
Universal Conscious

Misleading perceptions:

Often, when we come to know from TV and Newspapers that people who were indulged in religious activities are found to be in violence, terror, sexual temperament, we astonish and our beliefs are strengthened.  Contrarily when a social person in our neighbourhood, work place and society in large indulging in corruption and misconduct are acceptable to us and they may enjoy an adorable status.  The same misconception prevail when we see a modern girl freely mixing with others because of her jovial nature.

Positive Affirmations for Charisma
Universal Mind

Awareness of oneness:

In such circumstances it become very difficult for us to accept a religious person as socially fit.   But, the religious person though they know they are socially unfit they consider other’s as religiously unfit and treat them accordingly.  This conflict will remain same unless we broaden our horizon and understand what pros and cons of human and what spirituality is.  The awareness in spirituality will lead us to understand our society in particular and universe at large. As soon as we start understanding that we all are microcosm of the Universal macrocosm, we will start relishing in Bliss.

Positive Affirmations for Charisma

I am a naturally charismatic person.
People find my charisma irresistible.
I draw people to me with ease.
People enjoy being with me.
I am naturally charming.
People find me compelling.
I have a magnetic personality.
I am fun to be with.
People find me alluring.
Being charismatic is easy for me.
I am likeable and easy to get to know.
I get along with everyone I meet.

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