Positive Affirmations For Inner Clarity

Thoughts become trait.  Habitual thinking pattern is being converted into a belief system by the subconscious mind.  And, according to our belief system we behave and interact with others thus it becomes our trait in due course.  For example a youth from conservative family wherein alcoholism is being considered as sin, possess a mind-set accordingly.  When he consume alcohol for the first time, within his mind a fight between his belief system and desire for alcohol takes place.  But if he continue, his belief system is suppressed for the time being but he starts feeling guilty and negativity. Unless we correct our belief system we may not control our inner conflicts.  Positive affirmations for inner clarity:


Swaying nature of mind:

Our mind attract negative things more, than positive.  We look into the things based on our likes and dislikes as such we fail to understand the true nature of the situation or things.  Because of these characteristic our sustaining and consisting ability fluctuate according to our state of mind.  This is why even if we start affirming a title enthusiastically our endeavor start fading when the desired results are achieved in a short span.

Supportive tools may make difference:

In order to keep our motivation alive we may practice meditation regular reading of motivational articles and to listen subliminal and hypnosis sessions.  As these methods are directly deals with our subconscious mind surpassing our rational mind, we could achieve more results in short span.  As a result our confidence and self- esteem are boosted which is the most important factor to keep one’s motivation alive.


Affirmation for Inner clarity:

Today I awaken to my higher wisdom.
My inner voice guides me in every moment.
I am centered, calm and clear.
I always know the right actions to achieve my goals.
When I know where I’m going, getting there is a cinch!
Today I am completely tuned in to my inner wisdom.
Harmony is always a sign that I am balanced from within.
Thank you for showing me the way to my dreams.
I trust my feelings and insights.
I am detached and open to divine guidance.


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