Positive Affirmations for Paranoia

There are in many situations and many times in life, irrespective of our good efforts we feel we are in a spot or in a difficult situation which may not be due to our actions or ignorance. A feeling of insecurity or emptiness soaks our mind, leaving us in an utter state of helplessness.  Sometimes we introspect within, and in many case we bear it silently whether we deserve it or not.  Many of our life situations are not due to what we thought of or desired, even though, it occurs due to our karma of prarabdha (past life).  Positive Affirmations for Paranoia may calm our sense to feel peace of mind.

Positive Affirmations for Paranoia

Surrender or be in pause mode:

When we are struck in a massive traffic jam, none of our planning with focus, positive attitude, discipline, sincerity and helping nature bring any result and we feel all the above conceptions are futile.  And ‘I don’t deserve it’ or ‘It is not fair’ type of negative syndrome starts overwhelming us which is totally irrational.  When everything goes beyond our control, the only way out is to ‘surrender’ to the Will of supreme cosmic power.  Surrendering oneself to the Will of Supreme Cosmic Power or give way to pause mode are one and the same. Because in both conditions one naturalize himself and seize his thinking as well as actions.

Positive Affirmations for Paranoia

Philosophical deliberations of belief:

Bhakti or belief is come out of pure consciousness wherein there is no confrontation or agitation because of knowledge. The Mudha bhakti or blind faith comes out of solidarity or unshakable faith.  Though there are many folds of faith, the supreme of all bhakti or belief is called as saranagati or complete surrender. Wherein, one enunciates himself to the Will of supreme power and neutralize from further thinking or actions.  When the Zero tolerance is achieved he liberates himself from desires.

Positive Affirmations for Paranoia

My am free from suspicions.
I can trust other people.
My thoughts are calm and rational.
I feel confident and protected.
I know other people have their own lives to lead.
I believe in other people.
I let anxiety simply drift away.
I am ease in social situations.
I feel safe and secure.
I enjoy mixing with other people.
I am in complete control of my thinking.
I trust myself to be sensible and realistic.


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