Power of Positive Affirmations II

Do mantras and words (Positive Affirmations) are potent to make difference?  Do they have power?  These questions were raised in a young man’s mind who was listening a religious discourses.  A renowned sage was delivering a discourse on ‘Power of Mantras’.  The young man very casually raised from his seat, greeted the sage and asked, Sir, do mantras have power? They are just words! how words can have power to change anything?  The sage gave a furious look and retorted, how dare to ask me this question.  Just get out of this please otherwise I will kick you out.  The young man surprised and said, hey, learned man I thought you might have answer to my question.  However, I will not give you the trouble of throwing me out, I do not want to be part of this congregation any further.  To which the sage said, young man I have just replied to your question, in fact, demonstrated that words do have power.  A few harsh words of mine made you to react and influenced you in such a way that you have lost your balance.  So words are potent, especially the words in mantras have much more power because they are structured accordingly.

Positive Affirmations

Thoughts Habits Behavior and Character

The above example is just to illustrate that words have potential power.  If you check with few of your neighbours or a group engaged in chanting mantras or practicing positive affirmations they will tell you in practical.

If you are aware how thoughts become character, then it will be easy for you to convert the simple words into powerful tool.  Simple thoughts conceived by the conscious mind repeatedly, being converted as personality by subconscious mind.  To understand the know-how it is essential to know brain activity frequencies and the ability of conscious – subconscious mind.  When we buy a new gadget we go thru its manual until we are familiar with its functions. So we need to understand the functions of vital organs in our body so as to enable us to avail the benefits efficiently.


How to assemble words as affirmations:

Affirmations should be made of positive words.  If you want to get rid of illness you need to affirm the opposite, i.e., good health.  So the affirmations should be anything like:

I am healthy in all aspects of my being.
I am healthy and happy.
I am in control of my health and wellness.
I am now in perfect health and filled with vitality
I am healthy, loving, harmonious and successful
I like eating healthy, it makes me to feel better
My body is healthier and stronger everyday
To be continued…….

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