Power of Positive Affirmations III

Thought conceived by the conscious mind are being strengthened when it is repeated again and again and soon it is accepted as a code by Subconscious mind.  Since then, Subconscious mind is in search of potential opportunity to execute it.  Subconscious mind have no distinction power, it can not analyse whether it is good for you or not.  Its work is to execute what it has been projected.  Be cautious, conscious mind have the tendency to sway and wander more on negative than positive.  So, it is advisable to stay away from own likes and dislikes and aim only on the purpose to be achieved. Power of Positive Affirmations III.

Power of Positive Affirmations III

Preparations for Positive Affirmations:

Whether it is pertaining to health, wealth, relationship or about your work place controversies keep on focusing that you will survive all eventualities.  Don’t think on what are the possible negative things that are ready to succumb your strategies.  Most of the times  situations are not as crucial or bad as we assume, cultivate a tendency to wait and watch, you will be surprised and realize the fact.  In difficult situations don’t act on emotions, just wait, wait and wait and let the possible threat to come in, in between you may have enough time to muster courage and confront it.  Practice it, you will be astonished to see the miraculous power of your subconscious mind.

Have a clean slate of mind to write on it:

In order to keep your wandering mind calm, have a few deep breath, lay on a bed or sit in a comfortable position, the idea is to still your body.  Automatically, in a moment or so mind will follow and subdue.  As our mind don’t like change it will try to disturb by pouring unwanted past memories, don’t resist, and just witness them.  In a minute or so the disturbing thoughts will lose its strength and as an obedient disciple, it will respond to your comments.

Positive Affirmations:

Read the affirmations loud, while looking into reflection in the mirror, start saying them with more emotion, conviction and faith.  In a day or two you will start feeling really good about yourself and knew with great certainty that you are going to attract many good things in life. Affirmations for abundance and prosperity are:

I open to the flow of great abundance in all areas of my life.
My day is filled with limitless potential in joy, abundance and love.
I always have more than enough of everything I need.
Today I expand my awareness of the abundance all around me.
I allow the universe to bless me in surprising and joyful ways.
As my commitment to help others grows, so does my wealth.
I project passion, purpose and prosperity.

Power of Positive Affirmations III


Have confidence and expectations:

Nurture more expectations that your initiatives would yield results any moment.  If you could visualize that the things you are longing are already in your possession, it is certain you will succeed in your attempt.

To be continued……

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