The aphorism in Hindu philosophy “Aham Brahmasmi” which means “I am the Infinite reality” has been interpreted in many ways.  Some scholar emphasis that it denotes ‘I am the spirit’ and some interpret it as ‘I am the God’.  However, the third approach, the soul is microcosm of the divine power.  It can be liberated from its chain of birth & death cycles by self-realization to reunite with macrocosm.  All the hymns, in various religious scripture glorify the supreme power as almighty.   In order to gain His grace, affirmations in the form of mantras are being used for thousands of years now.  The belief behind is that when the mantras are pronounced repeatedly it generates power that leads to achieve desire.  Quotes on Power of positive affirmations can be found in scriptures of all religion.

What is Spirit or Soul

The dictionary meaning of spirit and soul is ‘the part of a person that includes their mind, feeling and character’.  The functions of mind (with its Conscious and subconscious ability) are playing key role in creating our way of living.  Religion and science have its own theory in viewing things and very rarely accept perceptions unconditionally and unitedly.  But in propagating the power of conscious and subconscious mind, both religion and science unitedly urge that one can change his environment by changing his thoughts.  Thoughts are strengthened when a thought is considered repeatedly irrespective of it is good or bad.  So, affirmations are very vital tool and as good as Mantras.


Why Mantras are considered powerful

The words and syllabus of the mantras are structured in such a way that it automatically regulates breathing while chanting those mantras.  You cannot resist inhaling while pronouncing such words, similarly to pronounce some words you ought to hold your breathing and in some cases it initiate exhaling automatically.  Usually mantras are chanted in large number of times such as 108, 1008, 10008 and 100000 and before starting this chanting a ‘sankalpa’ (purpose) ritual takes place.  In sankalpa you need to express your heart’s desire and then to start chanting of mantras to such number of times predefined by you.  See, how beautifully our ancestors structured rituals combining religion, spirituality and science.  During 1008 times of chanting breathing are regulated to experience calmness in mental realm and hence the chanter of mantrs believe his heart’s desires will be fulfilled and it happens undoubtedly.

Chant Counting with beads

To be continued…..

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