After using Thought Elevator System you may find that your mind has been nurtured with a positive vision for prayer and to produce Inspiring Thoughts, Positive Thinking.  Brain Elevation | Elevate your Thoughts, Elevate Your Life! Positive Thinking.

The Thought Elevators promises to deliver a scientifically proven system to create success and happiness in your life by changing your mindset, perception and provides a new angle of vision.  The system will automatically change your habitual way of thinking and create a positive mindset to overcome self-doubt and the fear which are sabotaging you from making your progress.  Brain Elevation | Elevate your thoughts, Elevate Your Life! Prayer, Inspiring Thoughts, Inspirational Thoughts, Everest Altitude, Positive Thinking.

Brain Functions of Delta & Theta:

Almost, our brain functions in various frequencies, so that our day to day activities can be achieved effectively. Any person on a day experiences all the frequency ranges of the brain.  The Brain frequency names are Delta, Theta, Alpha and Beta.

Delta:  Delta has the frequency range of zero to four cycles per second which is total unconsciousness.

Theta:  The Theta range of brain activity comprising four to seven cycles per second which represent to a psychic range of the mind and the where psychic experiences take place. All emotional experiences are recorded in this area of Brain Activity.  Children below the ages of seven years have the predominance of their brain activity in the theta area.  Yet, these children experience other ranges of brain frequencies as well.  Children in this age group are highly receptive.  Their subconscious mind is programmed with a core belief system as they observe the environment and interact with parents, other children, teachers, television etc.

Theta learning is extremely rapid and powerful and a lot of subliminal learning from other dimensions also occurs.

Brain Functions of Alpha & Beta:

Alpha:  This range of brain activity is seven to fourteen cycles per second.  This considered being range subconscious mind.   Hypnosis state, natural dreaming, daydreaming and past life regression also takes place in this area of brain activity. Children between the age group of seven to fourteen years are predominantly functioning in Alpha range.  Hence, children of this age group are extremely receptive to the ideas of all sources.  Rapid learning effect occurs in Alpha.

Beta:  The Beta range of brain activity cycle is fourteen or higher per second.  For most of the activities, it varies up to twenty-two cycles per second.  Beta is the range of the conscious mind with which we carry out our day to day activities by the way of thinkinganalyzing, decision making, arguing and interacting with others.  However, in the Beta range of brain activity, the brain is not especially receptive for suggestions.

Brain Elevation | Elevate your thoughts, Elevate Your Life!

Every age group have a predominant brain activity range.  However, every age group also use the other brain activity range from time to time, every day.  This enables us to function as a human and experience all mind acidity frequency ranges.

From the above brain functions, it is apparent that if you are above the age group of 14 years your brain predominantly tends to work in Beta range of frequency.  In Beta range of activity, the brain is not so receptive to suggestions.  Hence, in order to lower mind frequency range, we have to meditate regularly to keep our mind calm.  Various researches in this field confirm that 2½ hours of deep meditation helps us to keep the mind calm.  If you don’t have 2½ hours for meditation, “Though Elevator” is an effective solution for you. Thought Elevator system is designed after various research to yield desired results.

The advantage of Thought Elevator:

Thought Elevator system is programmed to induce an Alpha range of mind activity frequency. And, it is embedded with positive affirmation messages that easily intrude into the brain and give rapid results.  Persistent use of this system will definitely yield results automatically. Thought Elevator system is designed to match our brain activity frequencies.

Four steps of this system

  1. It prompts you to eliminate thoughts related to stress and worries – Theta effect.
  2. Induce Positivity – Subliminal embedded in it will induce positivity and relevant actions.
  3. The alpha range of frequency sounds in which the MP3 is created facilitate you to have the effect of Day Dreaming & Visualization Techniques enabling you to visualize your goals and aspirations to achieve them faster.
  4. The 3 minutes video will inspire you towards Wealth and Prosperity. The Theta frequency sound will activate a rapid and powerful learning mindset to attract wealth, prosperity and success.


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