Rewrite your Fate with Subliminal


You can rewrite your fate with Subliminal. A recent study shows that subliminal motivations activate specific regions of the brain regardless of listener being unaware of the differences it makes. Subliminal may be either in word form or masked with other motivating stimuli.

The word subliminal means ‘below the threshold’. So even though you are not aware of the information fed by Subliminal your subconscious mind picks it up and imprints it in your brain.

Rewrite your perceptions

Subconscious mind is where the real power lies. It possess the infinitive wisdom. The infinite intelligence within your subconscious mind can reveal you everything you want provided you are receptive and open minded.  Though it is invisible its forces are mighty. Subconscious is principle and it works according to the law of belief. 

Imagine your subconscious mind as a garden and you are a gardener and you are planting thoughts as if seeds and so shall you reap.  If you sow the seed of bitterness and you expect to reap sweet fruits then you will definitely disappointed.  You need to weed off unpleasant thoughts and to plant pleasant thoughts in order to generate pleasant situations in life.  Subconscious mind is incapable of doing anything it has not been programmed to do.

Over a year we generate a belief system within our subconscious mind whether it is right or wrong and it is embedded so strong.  After some time even if we realize, we are unable to rewrite it, how hard we try to rewrite it consciously.  That is why most of our New Year resolutions fails within a few days and our self-motivation to do regular exercise weakens over a period.  Unless we are able to rewrite it at our subconscious level nothing can be manifested.   


Rewrite you Fate with Subliminal

With subliminal technology, subconscious mind gets repeated positive messages that can literally change the way we think. These messages bypass the conscious mind completely, below the threshold, so that conscious mind does not get in the way. The more subconscious mind gets repeated new message, the easier to alter our behavior which gives maximum chance to reprogram inside out.

Subliminal messages are presented in the form of audio stimuli with masked sound effects that you are not even aware of.  They sneak into subconscious mind bypassing the conscious mind and start working to change your attitudes.  These messages make it easy to shun bad habits and develop new positive ones, over a time these messages root so strongly giving extra push for new perceptions.

Advantage of Subliminal

Subliminal messages are positive affirmations presented at a rate or volume that the conscious mind is unable to detect. Subconscious mind however takes in everything due to the frequency of the audio wave programmed suitable for subconscious mind to grasp. These messages bypass logical conscious state and go directly to subconscious. If a particular message is repeated frequently, the message start to change the way we think enabling us to behave according to the message programmed. 


Dream a rewarding lifestyle and achieve it simply by listening subliminal.

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