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In the beginning was the word, and the word was with God and the word was God (John 1:1) and in the beginning was a wave of vibration (sound) and the vibration is God.  There were so many philosophy available all over the web. They are still meaning to so many people around the world and futile to some.  The ever growing new generation concepts, ideologies and belief give no head to the ideologies and beliefs generated by our own forefathers.  Search Engine Optimization | SEO is a tool, like match stick, which can be used to lit a lamp of wisdom or destroy moral.

seo, search engine optimization

Spirituality and its strong base:

Our ancestors, who were spiritual and were accustomed to follow the spiritual path were totally aware of the value of Word and Sound that was, is and will always be remain.  The Mantras, verses of Vedas are still beyond comprehension of average mind.  The Word “Aum” or “Om” have such potential that one need to breathe out to pronounce this word.  The Possum of Gayatri Mantra have such potential that it automatically initiate inhaling, holding and exhaling of respiration which stimulate ‘feel good factor’ of those who chanting this mantra.

Universal Conscious

Worship of Motherhood – in Reddit community:

It is disgrace of Reddit community who are using the word ‘Mother F*c**r’ casually.  Reddit, which pretend to have so many restrictions and rules, is allowing its communities to use such abusive words.  It seems these community members were born out of robots and have no respect or value of mother hood.  The Governments who are supporting maternity and paternity are keeping mum in use of such abusive word in worldwide platform.  Rules and regulations of these social media (unsubscribe) remind us to remember versus of Bhagwad Gita, “Don’t let your external atmosphere to disturb your internal celestial”.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
I Follow This in Every Aspect of Life

Search Engine Optimization | SEO

It seems, History is repeating its value.  There was a time in which every regime of the Universe worked hard to protect its own religious values and teachings of the masters.  The spiritual seekers were desperate to know the ‘word’ which could lead them to salvation. Now, the world is searching the successive ‘word’ in Search Engine Optimization | SEO, inspired by Google, followed by trillions of its subscribers.  Ironically, though. Google and Wikipedia have so many spiritual and virtuous contents it inspires only a few.

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