Spiritual Awakening and Tolerance

Tolerance is an important trait in Spirituality.  When you are tolerant your mind is free from agitations.  Intolerance not only restrict our progress in spiritual journey it also promote inner conflicts and agrees violence.  Intolerance separate us from aligning with others family members, at work place and also become a hindrance for progress in all area.  In order to cultivate tolerance one need to be mindful of his thoughts and need to assess his likes and dislikes.  Spiritual Awakening and Tolerance are eyes and vision.

Spiritual Awakening and Tolerance
Tolerance & Spirituality

Tolerance and suppressed feelings:

Suppressed feelings stored in subconscious mind is one of the reason for disagreement of our situations.  It is not an easy task to convert intolerance into harmony, but nothing is impossible if one decide to change his trait.  When one identify his short-comings and cultivate a desire for a change half of the battle has already been won.  Charles Darwin very beautifully revealed it in his biological evolution theory “survival of the fittest”.  Apparently, a solo thought could have been perished instantly, but, when the thought persist for a change, it means it has already accumulated enough strength to survive.

Spiritual Awakening and Tolerance
What is Tolerance

Intolerance in Religion:

Intolerance in Religion is continuing for generations, many of the provinces has been destroyed just for the sake of prejudice.  The emperors who have fought in the name of religion not only ruined the enemy they have also destroyed rare arts and cultural monuments.  But, none of the emperor could have succeeded in destroying other religion because religion is a faith, it is a massive power.   It will be very apt to mention an instance from Ramakrishna Paramahamsa’s life.

Inner realm of Spiritual awakening:

Once Ramakrishna Paramahamsa was along with Swami Vivekananda and other disciple were going to some other village.  On their way they saw a large number of dogs around a dead animals lying over there.  Some dogs are busy in eating and a few were in fight with other dogs and a few was just barking.  Ramakrishna asked his disciple to illustrate this situation to a spiritual awakening while other disciples were could not narrate Vivekananda said.  Those dogs silently eating the flush are like spiritually awakened, they are busy in listening their inner celestial.  And the other dogs engaged in fighting and barking are like those pretending themselves as spiritually awakened.

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