According to Vedic Puranas and Upanishads Rudrakshas’ are capable of aligning with supreme consciousness and for living contended life besides success and health.  People from all walks of life are wearing them to align themselves with positive energy and also for growth, success and good health.  Rudraksha is ranging from one to twenty-one much or faces out of which 16 to 21 Mukhi are rare.

Success, Health & Rudraksha

16 Mukhi is considered to be beneficial for victory in all spares especially in solving legal problems.  17 Mukhi’s are auspicious for starting new ventures and bringing gains. 18 Mukhi is for land related business and also for new businesses.  Businessmen, Industrialists, and politicians found 19 Mukhi are helpful.  They endorse. It brings fame and helps to handle various activities.  The 21 Mukhi are the rarest, and it is incredibly powerful in bestowing wealth and success.

Rudraksha Face
Rudraksha Face

Ancient scriptures attribute various Gods and Goddess to bless the wearer of a particular Mukhi Rudraksha.  Though all the range from 1 to 21 are powerful and divine, wearing Rudraksha with faith and devotion after duly energized with their mantra would yield more results.  Rudraksha can be worn in a combination of various much strung together as mala or a particular one according to the purpose.   So it is improper to buy it from a shop and wear unless one knows many characteristics and its use.

Five-faced or kanchuki is safe and suitable for everyone as it is for general wellbeing and health.  Rudraksha controls blood pressure, calms nerves and brings a certain calmness and alertness in the nervous system.   Six Mukhi Rudraksha are helpful to calm down the nerves system and also helps to be more focused as such it is suitable for children below 12 years of age.

Rudraksha for Spirituality

Rudraksha is more commonly used by those who are on the spiritual path, especially to count the number of chants of mantras they pronounce.  It is an excellent support and aid to attain enhancement in the spiritual path.

Rudraksha Mala
Rudraksha Mala

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