Ways to liberate from Karmic knots


Your body will get dirty when you fall into a ditch.  Then, you will wash yourself to clean your physical body.  No one wants his body to smell foul or to be ugly.  We have five sense organs in our body.  Eyes see the dirt, nose can smell the odor, skin can feel the irritation caused by the dirt.  Our mind too insists us to way away the dirt else we may end up with an infection or in order to avoid others attention.  We have been given these organs so that we can sense with these sense organs and consciousness to differentiate what is good for us. Unless we use our sense organs and intellect in a right way we may not find ways to liberate from Karmic knots.

Ways to liberate from Karmic knots
Ways to liberate from Karmic knots

Intellect and Mind

Never mistake the power of consciousness with the mind because mind is nothing but bundle of thoughts.  If you listen to your mind and not to your intellect (consciousness) you will be creating mistakes.  Mind has the power to grasp an idea and to execute it but it has no power to discriminate. This is why Vedic tradition emphasis the need to control our sense organs and mind because they impact our karma.

Ways to liberate from Karmic knots

Chain of Karma

Karma of past life continue in every subsequent birth.  The karma accumulated in each person cannot be washed away at once.  But if a person prays sincerely and invoke divine nature with full or purity, compassion and truth then the power of your intention could yield wonderful results.  When the universe was created the law of karma came into existence.  No one can avoid it.  Both good Karma as well as bad karma generates an outcome and you have no other option than to relish it.

Ways to liberate from Karmic knots

Ways to liberate from Karmic knots

If we use our intellect to ensure that our five sense organs follow the path of righteousness, our accumulated bad karma can be reduced to some extent.  Karma is solely the result of self-action based on the action-reaction policy.  Hence it is important to be very cautious with our five sense organs.  It is the misuse of our sense organs and intellect that causes the undesirable karma.  Additionally we have to leave our negative traits in order to lead a positive life.

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