What is Conscious Mind?


What is Conscious Mind?

What is Conscious Mind?  Nothing is more unfortunate for a human who feels much and knows little.  In this condition he is torn by two forces the first one shows him the beauty of existence while the second bonds him with fear and distraction.  But the psychiatrist claims one can overcome this hurdle, because naturally we possess the ability to survive in all the situations.  Our conscious and subconscious mind have the miraculous power if we know how to use them.

What is Conscious mind?

The awareness of being aware is consciousness.  This ability of the conscious mind helps us to think consecutively, plan our life where we want to reach.  Most importantly, conscious mind allow us to have self-awareness besides helping us to act rationally with reasoning skills.  This is the main source for thoughts and feelings in other words cause and effect.

What is Conscious Mind?

Nature of conscious mind:

Our mind is like a mercury, always restless and always wandering on one thing or the other.  Every thought have a feeling connected with it and according to feeling it generate a sensation in our body.  That is why those who have thought of anxiety and worry develops ulcer and those who cultivate happy, successful and joyful thoughts have a glow in their face.  Our brain generate vibration of various frequencies according to the thought in which we are lingering.  The brain frequency ranges are Delta, Theta, Alpha and Beta.

What is Conscious Mind?

Conscious and spirituality:

Spirituality guides us to stay focused thru various techniques to control our wavering mind that include meditation and recitation.  Through meditation one can neutralize his wavering mind and feel the calmness.  Buddha the re-inventor of Vipasana Meditation conquered the wavering mind by understanding the true nature of mind which is wavering, restless and ephemeral.  Vipasana means to see the things as they really are and not appears to be.  By practice of Vipasana we realize chain of cause and effect – whatever arises, arises due to a cause and when the cause is eliminated there can be no resulting effect.

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