What is Spirituality



What is spirituality, if you ask one thousand people, you may get a few hundreds of definition for it.  There is no single or widely accepted definition for spirituality.  Earlier, it has been considered as an aspect of Religious faith described in sacred texts, Mantras etc.  According to their tradition people engage themselves in worshiping idols, offering pujas, prayers, chanting Mantras, and reciting granth etc.  Since ancient times taking a dip in holy rivers and attending religious discourses are also consider as spiritualism.

What is Spirituality
What is Spirituality


Worship of Sun, River and Mountains:

Subsequently, worshiping Sun River and Mountains were also considered as a spiritual activity.  Ancient people even assigned deity for each Planet as the operator and a colour. Besides, they invented a system to calculate it’s movement and possible effects.  As you know, horoscope is being generated on the basis of planetary position at the time of birth to guess the child’s future.   They even found solution to avert the evil effects of the planetary movements and way to appease the deity of planet.   Thus, in some way astrology is also considered as a religious / spiritual activity.

What is Spirituality
The Path of Freedom

Spirituality and Yogic practices:

Water knows its path, there is no need to make a way for it, until, you want to make use of the water as per your requirements.  Yogic system does not talk about God, yoga talks only about the resistance you have created and how to eliminate it.  Yogic system is all about controlling the movement of prana in your body thus to release the potential energy.  When the movement of prana and its residual energy are identified, it automatically divert the attention towards its origin, the supreme power, God.  Probably that is why Yogic system does not talk about God believing in action and ultimate destination.


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