What is Conscious mind function


What is Conscious mind function.  Our brain is the seat of our two minds – Conscious and subconscious. Generally conscious means the awareness of being aware of the self or environment.  Our day to day normal state of awareness in thinking, planning, analysing, writing and doing several other day to day activities can be taken as a proof of consciousness.  But time and again our subconscious mind also contribute its share in carrying out our day today activity.  It would be easy for us to understand, if we know how our brain functions are relevant in the process of learning, programming and physical growth.

Brain Frequency:

The brain operates at various frequencies to perform our day to day activities.  The brain frequency ranges are called as Delta, Theta, Alpha and Beta.  Normally we are all experience all the above four frequency levels every day.

What is Conscious mind function
What is Conscious mind function

What is conscious mind function:

Delta:  Its frequency range is zero to four cycles per seconds which represents total unconsciousness.

Theta:  Theta frequency range is four to seven cycles per second which represents the state of psychic experience.  Emotional experiences are recorded in this area of brain activity.  Theta brain activity predominantly functions in the age group of 7 or below.  In this Theta frequency range brain activity subconscious mind programmed with suggestions from all sources. Theta learning is extremely swift and powerful.  Subliminal learning and hypnosis also occurs in Theta range of brain activity.

Alpha:  Its range of brain activity is 7 to 14 cycles per second which is also the range of subconscious mind.  Besides hypnosis, natural and day dreaming activities take place in Alpha brain activity. It predominantly functions in the age group of 7 to 14 hence they are highly receptive for suggestions from all sources.  Swift and powerful learning occurs in Alpha.

Beta:  Beta range of brain activity is 14 cycles per second and above.  Normally we use the frequency of 22 cycles per second for most of our activities.  Beta is the range of conscious mind in which we do thinking, decision making, interacting and planning.  When the brain is operating in Beta it is not receptive for suggestions.

Though each of the above four range of brain activity is predominantly function at certain age group, we are all experiencing other range of brain activity as well.

What is Conscious mind function
What is Conscious mind function

Effective subliminal & hypnosis tools

Now it is apparent why we need to meditate on regularly!  During meditation as we still the body completely, and the mind to certain extent we are able to bring the mind activity frequency to the lower level.  With lower mind activity frequency we may become more receptive, productive and result oriented.  If we don’t have the time to spare we have no other option than to use other effective tools like subliminal and hypnosis learning.

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